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Dublin: 22 °C Tuesday 23 July, 2019


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Full-time scores


Division 1
Galway 1-17 Roscommon 1-10
Monaghan 0-14 Cavan 1-8

Division 2
Cork 1-12 Donegal 1-19
Kildare 1-11 Tipperary 2-7
Armagh 1-9 Fermanagh 0-6

Division 3
Longford 2-15 Sligo 0-14
Offaly 0-15 Laois 2-12
Carlow 0-7 Down 0-4

Division 4
London 0-7 Waterford 2-9
Antrim 2-15 Wicklow 0-10
Wexford 0-14 Limerick 1-10
Derry 2-16 Leitrim 1-12


Division 1 quarter-finals
Galway 3-21 Wexford 3-11
Waterford 0-31 Clare 1-14
Tipperary 0-23 Dublin 1-21 

Division 1A relegation play-off
Kilkenny 1-16 Cork 2-15


Welcome to today’s liveblog. It’s a hectic day of inter-county action across both codes. Here are the games we’ll be keeping an eye on today:


Division 1
Monaghan v Cavan, 2pm
Galway v Roscommon, 3.30pm

Division 2
Cork v Donegal, 2pm
Kildare v Tipperary, 2.30pm
Armagh v Fermanagh, 3pm

Division 3
Longford v Sligo, 2pm
Offaly v Laois, 2pm
Carlow v Down, 3pm

Division 4
London v Waterford, 12.30pm
Antrim v Wicklow, 2pm
Wexford v Limerick, 3pm
Derry v Leitrim, 4pm


Division 1 quarter-finals
Galway v Wexford, 1.30pm
Waterford v Clare, 3pm
Tipperary v Dublin, 4.30pm

Division 1A relegation play-off
Kilkenny v Cork, 2pm

The Meath-Clare tie in Division 2 and Louth-Westmeath Division 3 clash are both postponed after the pitches were deemed unplayable.

We’ll also have live coverage of the Dublin-Tyrone and Kerry-Mayo games later this evening. 

Galway 0-0 Wexford 0-0

We’re underway in Salthill. 

Galway 0-1 Wexford 0-2

3 mins - Lively start to this one as Lee Chin and Conor McDonald clip over scores either side of one from Joe Canning.

Galway 0-3 Wexford 0-2

6 mins – Canning sends over a brace to send the hosts back in front.

Galway 0-4 Wexford 1-2

10 mins – Canning’s fourth of the afternoon reduces the gap to one.

Galway 0-5 Wexford 1-3

13 mins – Diarmuid O’Keeffe and Canning trade scores.

Galway 0-6 Wexford 1-3

Canning has scored all of Galway’s haul so far, with his latest arriving from a free inside his own half.

Galway 0-8 Wexford 1-4

20 mins – Chin tags on a point.

Galway 0-8 Wexford 2-4

McDonald is on fire for Wexford so far today.

Galway 0-9 Wexford 2-4

26 mins – Canning reduces the gap to one with a free.

Galway 0-12 Wexford 3-4

Lee Chin buries Wexford’s third goal of the half past Flannery. 

Kilkenny 0-1 Cork 0-1 

Billy Ryan draws the Cats level. 

Cork 0-3 Donegal 0-3

Michael Hurley brings the Rebels level. 

London 0-7 Waterford 2-9 – FT

Waterford prevail in this Division 4 encounter.

Monaghan 0-2 Cavan 1-1

Niall McKiernan sends over a placed ball. 

Monaghan 0-3 Cavan 1-1

Rory Beggan slots over a free for the Farney.

Kilkenny 0-4 Cork 0-2

Brassil’s score steers the Cats two clear.

Cork 0-4 Donegal 0-3

Ruairi Deane adds a score from play.

Monaghan 0-4 Cavan 1-1

Conor McManus swings over a free to draw Malachy O’Rourke’s side level.

GOAL! Cathal Mannion scores a goal for Galway against Wexford.

Galway 1-14 Wexford 3-5

Fine start to the second half by the Tribesmen.

Kilkenny 0-6 Cork 0-3

Richie Leahy extends the lead for the Cats.

Kilkenny 0-7 Cork 0-4


Alan Murphy stretches the lead to three.

Kildare 0-1 Tipperary 0-0

Neil Flynn’s free gets Kildare off the mark.

Galway 2-18 Wexford 3-7

It’s been a clinical start to the second-half by Galway. They’ve outscored Wexford by 2-5 to 0-1 in the 13 minutes after half-time. Cathal Mannion is running the show in midfield.

Kilkenny 1-8 Cork 0-6 – HT

Cork 1-8 Donegal 0-6 – HT

Half-time scores

Division 3
Longford 0-8 Sligo 0-11
Offaly 0-8 Laois 0-5

Division 4
Antrim 0-7 Wicklow 0-6 

Galway 2-19 Wexford 3-8

Canning adds two quick-fire scores.

Galway 2-20 Wexford 3-8

Whelan tags on a score to extend the Galway lead.

Kildare 0-3 Tipperary 0-1

Kevin Feely puts Kildare two clear.

Monaghan 0-6 Cavan 1-3 – HT


Galway 2-21 Wexford 3-08

Canning’s frees extends the Galway lead to ten.

Kildare 0-5 Tipperary 0-1

A brace from Flynn puts the Lilywhites four clear.

Monaghan 0-7 Cavan 1-3

Conor McCarthy sends Monaghan in front as the second period gets underway.

GOAL! Sub Tadgh Harren hits Galway’s third goal of the day.

Galway 3-21 Wexford 3-9

We’re into injury-time now. 

Kilkenny 1-9 Cork 0-7

Conor Lehane pulls one back for the Rebels in the early stages of the second-half.

Monaghan 0-7 Cavan 1-4

Mackey levels the game up from play.

Galway 3-21 Wexford 3-11 – FT

A commanding victory by Galway.

Waterford 0-1 Clare 0-1

Tony Kelly gets Clare off the mark in the second minute.

Waterford 0-1 Clare 0-2

Kelly gets his second from distance.

Kildare 1-6 Tipperary 0-2

Fergal Conway’s goal puts Kildare in control.

Waterford 0-3 Clare 0-3

Pauric Mahony’s second draws the Deise level.

Armagh 0-2 Fermanagh 0-0

Jarlath Og Burns doubles the Armagh lead.

Waterford 0-4 Clare 0-4

Peter Duggan’s free edges the Banner ahead, but Colm Roche responds.

Kilkenny 1-9 Cork 0-9

Conor Lehane adds another score for the Rebels.

Cork 1-11 Donegal 0-12

The Rebels add a point through Luke Connolly.

Monaghan 0-11 Cavan 1-4

Another free from Beggan and the Farney edge further clear. 

Armagh 0-4 Fermanagh 0-1

Rory Grugan points a free.

Kilkenny 1-12 Cork 1-11

Brassil puts Kilkenny one ahead.

Waterford 0-5 Clare 1-7

Fine score from Malone as Clare move five ahead.

Armagh 0-4 Fermanagh 0-3

Fermanagh are coming back into it now.

Cork 1-11 Donegal 0-15

The Ulster champions have surged back in front.

Monaghan 0-12 Cavan 1-5

Jack McCarron’s free makes it a four-point game.

Waterford 0-8 Clare 1-9

Aaron Shanagher lands a fine score.

Kilkenny 1-16 Cork 2-14

It’s a one-point game in stoppage-time after Richie Hogan’s free.

Offaly 0-15 Laois 2-12 – FT

Laois win this local derby.

Kilkenny 1-16 Cork 2-15 – FT

The Rebels steal the victory late on.

Galway 0-1 Roscommon 0-0

Danny Cummins gives Galway the lead.

Longford 2-15 Sligo 0-14 – FT

Kildare 1-9 Tipperary 0-3 

Flynn tags on a score.

Cork 1-12 Donegal 1-19 – FT

A brilliant second-half wins it for Donegal.

Carlow 0-7 Down 0-4 – HT

Armagh 0-5 Fermanagh 0-4 – HT


Galway 0-4 Roscommon 0-3

Conor Daly pulls one back for Roscommon.

Monaghan 0-14 Cavan 1-8 – FT

Monaghan pick up a much-needed win.

Waterford 0-11 Clare 1-10 – HT

Kildare 1-9 Tipperary 0-4

Conor Sweeney pulls one back for Tipp.

Galway 0-5 Roscommon 0-3

Shane Walsh puts the Tribe two clear.

Galway 0-7 Roscommon 0-4

Conor Cox and Danny Cummins hit a score apiece.

Armagh 0-6 Fermanagh 0-4

Charlie Vernon doubles the Orchard lead shortly into the second-half.

Galway 0-9 Roscommon 0-5

Anton O’Laoi puts Galway four ahead.

Waterford 0-12 Clare 1-10 

Stephen Bennett lands a fine score for the Deise.

Waterford 0-13 Clare 1-10

Peter Hogans levels the game up from the wing.

Kildare 1-11 Tipperary 2-6

Dan O’Meara’s goal has brought the Premier back into this game.

Kildare 1-11 Tipperary 2-7 – FT

Galway 1-11 Roscommon 0-7

Shane Walsh puts Galway seven in front from a free.

Waterford 0-15 Clare 1-10

Waterford lead by two.

Galway 1-11 Roscommon 0-7 – HT

Waterford 0-20 Clare 1-11

Stephen Bennett coverts another free.

Waterford 0-24 Clare 1-12

Stephen Bennett from long-range.

Galway 1-13 Roscommon 0-07 

Walsh lands a free for Galway.

Tipperary 0-0 Dublin 0-1

We’re underway in Thurles where Dublin lead.

Waterford 0-27 Clare 1-14

The Deise are coasting to victory now.

Armagh 1-8 Fermanagh 0-5

There’s real daylight between the teams now.

Waterford 0-31 Clare 1-14 – FT

Big win for Waterford.

Tipperary 0-2 Dublin 1-4

Oisin O’Rorke puts Dublin five clear.

Armagh 1-9 Fermanagh 0-6 – FT

Big win for Armagh.

Wexford 0-14 Limerick 1-10 – FT

Wexford take the points.

Derry 0-8 Leitrim 0-7 – HT

Carlow 1-11 Down 0-15 – FT

Galway 1-16 Roscommon 1-09

Cox reduces the gap to seven with a free.

Tipperary 0-5 Dublin 1-7

Dublin’s lead is five.


Galway 1-16 Roscommon 1-10

Cox adds a mark for the Rossies, who are six behind.

Galway 1-17 Roscommon 1-10 – FT

Galway take the win.

Tipperary 0-8 Dublin 1-10

Eamon Dillon and Sean Moran add a score apiece.

Tipperary 0-9 Dublin 1-10 – HT

Tipperary 0-9 Dublin 1-10

We’re back underway in Thurles.

Tipperary 0-12 Dublin 1-10

The Premier have the gap down to one.

Tipperary 0-13 Dublin 1-11

43 mins – Michael Breen continues his good scoring form with a point, but Dillon responds immediately.

Tipperary 0-15 Dublin 1-14 

O’Rorke adds a free for Dublin, two still lead by two.

Derry 2-16 Leitrim 1-12 – FT

Tipperary 0-15 Dublin 1-16 

O’Rorke slots over a free and Forde misses one at the far end.

Tipperary 0-18 Dublin 1-16

Kehoe comes off the bench and adds a brace.

Tipperary 0-20 Dublin 1-19

Big finish on the cards in Semple. Ryan and Callanan trade scores. We’re into the final few minutes. 

Tipperary 0-22 Dublin 1-20

McGrath nails one from his own 65.

Tipperary 0-23 Dublin 1-21 – FT

Massive victory for Dublin, who had Danny Sutcliffe sent-off late on.

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