Dak attack the way to go - week 4 NFL fantasy football advice

The Dallas Cowboys quarterback is set for a big weekend.

Dak Prescott can score through the air or on the ground.
Dak Prescott can score through the air or on the ground.
Image: LM Otero/AP/Press Association Images

THE WAIVER WIRE in NFL fantasy football is something of a crapshoot as you’re making decisions of the future of your franchise based, mostly, on the limited sample size of the previous weekend.

However, in The Wire, we hope to steer you right and look at not just previous production but the upcoming match-up.

Don’t blame us if it all goes horribly wrong though.


Bears Cowboys Football Dak Prescott can score through the air or on the ground. Source: LM Otero/AP/Press Association Images

Pick Up – Dak Prescott

The Dallas Cowboys rookie is only owned in about 43% of leagues despite ranking 11th out of all quarterbacks through three weeks. A threat to score in air the or on the ground, you should absolutely look his way against a porous 49ers’ defence.

Worth a punt - Trevor Siemian

The Broncos gunslinger (owned in just 4.8% of leagues) was asked to do little more than manage the game over the first two weeks of the season but last weekend he exploded for 28 points. He faces a much easier defence in the Bucs this week so expect him to cash-in again.

Ignore – Kirk Cousins

You probably look at the Washington match-up, see the 0-3 Browns and think, this’ll be a handy 20 points but Cleveland are playing better than their record and Cousins has the potential to be a turnover machine.

Running Back

Fozzy Whittaker should be ignored again this week. Source: Bob Leverone/AP/Press Association Images

Pick Up – Darren Sproles

The main reason to pick up Sporles is because his team is on a bye week and most people will rule out taking him for that very reason. However, when the Eagles return to action, expect his role in the Carson Wentz offence to increase.

Worth a punt - Tevin Coleman

Coleman is still available in more than 20% of leagues and is averaging more than 16 points a game this season. The Panthers run defence this weekend will be his toughest test yet, though.

Ignore - Fozzy Whittaker

For all the same reasons as last week, he’s just not the answer, don’t fool yourself into thinking he is.

Wide Receiver/Tight Ends

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Browns Dolphins Football Terrelle Pryor will see a lot of action again this week. Source: Wilfredo Lee/AP/Press Association Images

Pick Up – Steve Smith Jr.

Smith caught eight passes for 87 yards in the Ravens’ week three win against Jacksonville and comes up against an Oakland Raiders secondary ranked second to last in terms of fantasy points given up this year on Sunday.

Worth a punt - Terrelle Pryor

The Browns player picked up points at quarterback, running back and wide receiver so as far as versatility goes, he’s got it nailed on. The former Raiders quarterback is available in 72% of leagues so should be an easy pick up.

Ignore -Robert Woods

The Bills receiver may have replaced Sammy Watkins as Tyrod Taylor’s number one target but he only made 51 yards on his eight targets showing highlighting Buffalo’s lack of downfield threat.

The42 Weekly Fantasy Update

We’ve had the highest score of the season so far in a week that saw a lot of teams break the 110 point mark.

However, the winner of week three is Gary Caffrey’s Team Caffrey who had Marvin Jones to thank for helping him reach 137 total points for the week.

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