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Questions of sport with… Declan Lynch
Autor Declan Lynch on Larry Sanders, Italia ’90 and Twitter. What’s Twitter again?

From Athlone, Co Westmeath, Declan Lynch began his writing career with Ireland’s rock ‘n’ roll magazine Hot Press.

He now writes for the Sunday Independent and is the author of several books including Ireland on Three Million Pounds a Day; Free Money: The Gambler’s Quest; and the acclaimed novel The Rooms.

What was your sporting highlight of 2010?

Spain winning the World Cup. The best team with the best players. I backed them.

Your book Days of Heaven is in shops at the moment.  What was the best moment on tour during those days.

It was all good. Italia 90  was the best thing that has even happened in the history of Ireland.

Jack Charlton – genius or what?

Jack had total belief in what Jack did, which is a great quality.  He was also a lucky so-and-so.

Which DVD box-set are you hoping for this Christmas?

The Complete Larry Sanders Show

We have 10 minutes to spare at work – recommend a YouTube clip to watch. sport or otherwise.

That Hitler in the Bunker one about Sheffield United getting relegated.

What TV shows do you most Sky-plus?

Mad Men. They put it on late because it’s good, and they don’t want people watching good things.

Who’d play you in a film of your life – and why?

Leo Di Caprio. Because those biopics are all bullshit anyway.

Never meet your heroes. Good advice?

No. I have just co-authored the autobiography of one of my heroes, John Giles (A Football Man) and my admiration for him has only deepened.

Recommend someone to follow on Twitter and tell us why

No idea what you’re talking about.

What was your book of the year – sports and otherwise

The Oh My God Delusion – Ross O’Carroll-Kelly. The literary critics have no idea how good that stuff is.

If you were to protest outside the Dáil, what would be the witty slogan on your sign?

I’d just take whatever sign the Richard Boyd Barrett crowd gave me — they’re always witty.

How many keepie-uppies could you do if your life, somehow, depended on it?

About seventeen.

What’s your sporting blackspot?

Motor racing. It is sport for people who don’t sport. And I’d rarely find myself watching a game of rugby league

What’s your ring-tone?

Very traditional.

Which sports columnist do you always read?

Dion Fanning, Sunday Independent,

Who have you been pleasantly surprised with in an interview?

Johnny Rotten, back in the day. Once he knew you were Irish he couldn’t do enough for you.

Will we qualify for Euro 2012?


What’s your sporting hope for 2011?

That I regain my enthusiasm for gambling which I mysteriously lost after that big win on Spain in the World Cup.

Days Of Heaven (Gill&McMillan), which has been out since the summer, finished third in the William Hill Irish Sports Book of The Year 2010, and A Football Man by John Giles with Declan Lynch (Hachette Ireland) finished second. It is also the No 1 bestseller at the moment.