Irish diver who was on board mothership of Oceangate sub that imploded says it was 'traumatic'
Electricity is in the air at Nemo Rangers but we'd be shocked if anyone got elected anytime soon
Billy Kelleher is the closest to the quota of 114,761 – there is a slim chance he will be elected tonight.
Who is my local councillor? Here's a list of all the seats filled so far
Ireland win European Championship silver in Women’s 4x400m
All seats filled in every council as Newbridge completes marathon count
Sinn Féin’s James Stokes and Aontú’s Melissa Byrne finished with just two votes between them in Kildare.
Sinn Féin to rejoin with The Left group in EU after ambiguity around decision
Greece halts visits to Acropolis amid country's earliest heatwave on record
Dog behaviourist: What should you do if a dog gets aggressive?
Suzi Walsh
Aer Lingus pilots vote for industrial action, no strike planned as of yet
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