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QUIZ: What Type of GAA Fan Are You?

Game on, Ger.

The week of a big game, I'm listening to
Weeshie Fogarty or my local radio station for the latest from the camp.
National radio like Newstalk and RTÉ.

My favourite GAA podcasts.
I ring the brother in Boston to discuss team selection.
What's on the menu when you're on the road to Croker?
We have the breakfast in the morning, to have a clear run at the day
The traditional hang sandwich brought from home. Flask of tea optional.

The hot dogs on the Premium Level aren't bad
We stop in Durrow for a fry-up.
What's your headwear of choice for the big day in September?
A traditional flat cap.
A novelty top hat from a provincial final in the 80s.

One of those caps in the county colours with the peak made out of paper.
A sombrero you brought back from Santa Ponsa many summers ago.
Where are you most likely to be the night before an All-Ireland final?
Having a small few in Flannery's to meet a friend who has your ticket.
Who goes out the night before the final?

Up For The Match is on telly! You won't find Mary Kennedy on Harcourt St.
Saturday night Mass.
Who's your favourite Sunday Game analyst?
Cyril Farrell. That man doesn't know about hurling.
Pat Spillane. Wasn't he right about the Ulster crowd?

Joe Brolly. Pure entertainment.
Donal Og Cusack, the GAA's Gary Neville.
How do you get on with opposing fans?
I hang over the top of the Davin Stand and abuse them as they walk to their seats.
I'm married to one of them.

I like nothing more than chatting to other fans as we leave the ground together.
I just love winding up my colleagues 'from down the country' on a Monday morning.
What's the best All-Ireland winning speech?
Anthony Daly in 1995? 'There's been a missing person in Clare.'
Bryan Cullen in 2011: See yiz in Coppers!

Sean Óg Ó hAilpín in 2005: Is fada on turas é ó Fiji go Corcaigh.
Joe Connolly in 1980: People of Galway, we love you.
How would you describe your GAA skills now?
I could still do a job on the edge of the square

I bring my Puma Kings to games in the hope of getting a call up from the terraces
I'm not a good lad but I could stop a good lad playing
Which of these pictures of Davy Fitz best sums you up on a big match day?
Happy Davy
Focused Davy

Dancing Davy
Angry Davy
Answer all the questions to see your result!
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The Genuine Fan
You're the real deal. You were there for the league games in February and you're happy to paint your shed the county colours in September. Since you're such a big fan, you'll want to be there with @LibertyIRL on Twitter for Joe Canning's #GAAQnA - 4pm this Monday the 11th of August.
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The Hurling Snob
You're a fan of the best game in the world and you're not afraid to tell people. Never mind that big ball stuff. You'll probably be there with @LibertyIRL, leading the questions, this Monday the 11th of August at 4pm when hurling legend Joe Canning takes to Twitter to do a #GAAQnA. Leave some for the others, though, eh?
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The Obsessive
Often the one standing behind the players in the post-game interview, you care a little bit too much. You probably already know this, but Joe Canning is doing a Twitter #GAAQnA this Monday with @LibertyIRL the 11th of August at 4pm. Set the alarm.
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The Bandwagon Jumper
When the sun shines and the county gets to Croker, it's your time. Make sure to surround yourself with genuine supporters and have a great day out. Joe Canning (that's the Galway hurling captain, since you probably don't know...) is doing a Twitter #GAAQnA with @LibertyIRL this Monday the 11th of August at 4pm. Go on, you could learn a thing or two.
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The Heckler
You roar 'referee' from your seat throughout the afternoon and make lots and lots of loud quips about opposition or your own players, depending on how the game goes. Does being a heckler translate into being a keyboard warrior? Find out this Monday the 11th of August at 4pm - Joe Canning is doing a #GAAQnA with @LibertyIRL
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The Traditionalist
For you, life was a lot simpler when Michael O'Hehir was behind the microphone. Twitter might not be part of how you see the GAA - but this Monday the 11th of August at 4pm, Joe Canning will be doing a #GAAQnA with @LibertyIRL. Join in.
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