The YouTube Top 10: Knock off that fog, here comes Linsanity

Vick Ballard’s amazing touchdown, the Saints sing for the FAI Cup and a face punch straight out of the gates of hell.

10. ‘Hit me right here, right here, right… ‘

Less than a minute into your MMA fight, you’ve just avoided a loping uppercut and are starting to move well on your feet. Logic would dictate that you go for the jugular. Logic flew out the window for this unfortunate chap (below). ‘Nice knowing ya teeth, see ya later dignity.’

YouTube credit: [h/t OffTheBench]

9. French dressing

Francis Coquelin and Olivier Giroud were so excited by Arsenal’s comeback against Reading on Tuesday that they flung their jerseys into their fans at the Majedski Stadium. Problem was, there was still the small matter of extra time to be played. The Gooners were happy enough to reunite the Frenchmen with their kit in time for a 7-5 win.

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8. Happy Halloween basketball fans!

Jeremy ‘Linsanity’ Lin and James Harden were halfway through their successful Houston Rockets debut when the arena’s fog machine, brought in to make Halloween extra spooky, was possessed by some gremlins. The game was held up for 10 minutes until someone clattered the machine with a wrench and opened the sunroof.

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7. Mo Bros and Mo Sistas

Movember is kicking off today and a host of Irish rugby stars have signed up to support the cause. Here’s Heaslip, Healy and Horan talking about the men’s health awareness drive.

YouTube credit: thinkhousetv

6. Vick Ballard, get outta town

The Indianapolis Colts star took a pass from QB Andrew Luck and set off for the endzone with ‘touchdown’ on his mind. Four crazy seconds later and Ballard was spinning airborne, and backwards, into the hearts of Colts’ fans.

YouTube credit:

5. Knock-on knock-out

London Irish thought they had complete a stunning turnaround victory over Harlequins at the weekend only for ‘Quins centre Tom Casson to pop up in the lefthand corner in injury time. Casson had a glorious chance to clinch the game for Conor O’Shea’s men but looked to have blown it by knocking forward. ‘Not so’ said the TMO.

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4. Joxer and The Skidmarks

St Patrick’s Athletic are attempting to win their first FAI Cup since 1961 and a bunch of Saints fans believe they’ve got the perfect formula for success. If this doesn’t inspire ‘Bucko and the boys’, nothing will.

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3. Now that’s what I call hockey

Why are the police investigating a hockey punch-up? Oh, because a fan got involved and when we say involved we mean ‘got a punch in the mush’. So violent this week. Where is the love?

YouTube Credit: TikiFished

2. Paddy Crerand has his own show? And he wants to punch who?

You’ve got to love the co-host’s pandering and gentle guffawing – “Ha, ha – another show, another apology.” Crerand is at his outspoken best before admitting that he did not see the Luis Suarez diving celebration incident in question that he is having a gripe about.

YouTube Credit: aitkensrowie1

1. Genuine heroics

Amid all the punch-fuelled and fog-filled chaos of the past week, there were some genuinely uplifting moments, such as the Dublin Marathon on bank holiday Monday. The race was going so well for one male competitor – 3hrs 40mins is a super time – until [around 30 seconds in] he crumples to the ground. All is not lost however as the St John’s Ambulance crew come to the rescue.

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*If you are, or know, the heroic Marathon runner, please contact

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