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Follow Friday: It’s Sonic Sean O’Brien

Every Friday we’ll point you in the right direction for the most entertaining sportsmen and women on the Twitter.

A LOT OF people have got the wrong impression of Ireland flanker, Sean O’Brien.

He’s much more than just a country lad made good, he was always good.

Never worth a follow more than the weeks around the Six Nations let Sean guide you through inner sanctum of the Irish camp.

And when he’s not hard at work or having a row with Stephen Ferris he can be found leisurely walking the land in his native Carlow.

Yes, whether he’s feeding cows, shooting or just lifting round bails; the Tullow Tank is unstoppable at the minute.

*Caution: This slideshow may contain agriculture.

Follow Friday: It’s Sonic Sean O’Brien
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  • Most of us lay in bed watching the World Cup final, not Seanie.

  • Christ, Sonic has gotten BUFF since the Megadrive died.

  • Not sure how this row started...

    O'Brien v Ferris during winter training camp.
  • ...but I'd be grabbing a helmet and some popcorn if these lads came to blows.

    O'Brien v Ferris at Six Nations training camp.
  • The B word is a touchy subject on December 8.

  • O'Brien pays tribute to a fellow salt-of-the-earth farmer, just retired.

    '#milkingcows' was, in fact, trending in the week after Christmas.
  • Sean O'Brien has many strengths, empathy is not one of them.

  • Kelly Brook likes her rugby players, but the feeling isn't always mutual.

  • Hard to beat that sweet home-cookin'.

  • Who scams Sean O'Brien, seriously? Have you seen the size of him?

  • The Journal's burning question for next Monday is dealt with in short order.

    Back to the drawing board guys.

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