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This year
After 38 years, Charlie Fairhead leaves Casualty (but he wasn't killed off)
Last year
'I biologically didn't have the knees to play rugby . . . There's not one bit of regret'
Ozzy Osbourne cancels tour as he's not 'physcially capable' of performing
All time
'I went to Barcelona and spent €2,500. That's the kind of release I was living for'
21 inter-county footballers who called it a day in 2021
'I was probably at my lowest confidence I've ever been at as an international'
Nicholas Roche calls time on 17-year pro cycling career
Canning: 'I don't want to overstay my welcome, be there on reputation or as a token gesture'
'As much as it came to an abrupt end, it was a bit of a blessing in disguise'
Colin Kaepernick's girlfriend Nessa Diab blasts NFL for 'retired' tag
'That's the great thing about this Irish team, it's about an island performing'
Kieran Greene found guilty of murdering woman whose remains were found in Dublin and Wicklow mountains
'It's tough to see someone like Dippy have to retire at a young age'
'We didn't have a game, so Jamie went to play with our seconds on the back pitch in Monkstown'
Joe Schmidt explains what made Jamie Heaslip such a superb player
Heaslip was often under-appreciated but his professionalism set new standards
Wes Hoolahan announces his retirement from international football
The most common jobs in Ireland are in sales, retail and farming
'A life of dedication': Funeral to take place of Dublin Fire Brigade's oldest member, who died aged 101
Former Limerick captain and 2013 Munster champion announces his retirement
€4.4 million paid out to staff of TDs who left Leinster House following the last election
'Boy, is he a character!' - Leinster gutted McCarthy can't make France move
Ex-Premier League striker Cisse to focus on DJing after announcing retirement
Kerry team-mates, rivals and the GAA world pays tribute to Marc Ó Sé
Retired garda who suffers back pain following patrol car ramming awarded €49,000
'I was a garda for 35 years and I can tell you community policing has been destroyed'
Trevor Laffan
An NFL rookie is retiring at 24 because the 'next hit could kill me'
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Dutch students can live in nursing homes rent-free (as long as they keep the residents company)
After 15 years, MSN Messenger finally decides to call it a day
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