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Dublin: 7 °C Friday 27 February, 2015


# fitness - Yesterday’s News

Here are 4 ‘Mad March’ fitness ideas you should try for the coming month

Spring is in the air so it’s time to shake off the last of the winter cobwebs.

# fitness - Tuesday 24 February, 2015

Brush Shiels working with David Gillick in attempt to break world 100m record

Veteran Irish rocker is hoping to go faster than 12.77 seconds when he turns 70.

# fitness - Monday 23 February, 2015

Looking for meaty, bulky shoulders? Try this session

It won’t happen overnight though.

# fitness - Saturday 21 February, 2015

‘It was an offer I couldn’t refuse’ – The Irishman working with some of the world’s top cyclists

Nutritionist Barry Murray spends his days on the French Riviera.

# fitness - Friday 20 February, 2015

From The Daily Edge Bodybuilders are now drinking breast milk to bulk up Do U Even Lift

Bodybuilders are now drinking breast milk to bulk up

All about dem gains, ’bout dem gains.

# fitness - Thursday 19 February, 2015

QUIZ: Which type of gym-goer are you?

Find out whether you’re a gym bunny or a fitness fanatic.

Keane: Euro 2016 would be a fantastic way to finish off my Ireland career

The country’s all-time top goalscorer has been doing yoga to help him maintain his flexibility and says he is feeling better than ever.

What are ‘side stitches’ and how can I get rid of them?

Do you cramp up after a few kilometres?

# fitness - Wednesday 18 February, 2015

Giving up white bread and 4 more Lenten promises to improve your health dramatically

Set your alarm 15 minutes earlier and start your day with a good stretch, plus more useful advice.

No one can believe WWE chief Vince McMahon is 69 years old

“Everything’s better when you’re in shape. Food tastes better. Sex is better. Even breathing is easier.”

3 simple daily exercises for anyone wishing to attain the Johnny Bravo look

This trio can be performed as a kind of superset, i.e one after another without a break.

# fitness - Tuesday 17 February, 2015

Proper, O’Lionaird and English all hoping to shine at National Indoors this weekend

Athlone will play host to the National Indoor Championships on 21-22 February.

How to calculate your resting heart rate – and why it’s so important

You don’t need any fancy apps for this.

# fitness - Monday 16 February, 2015

From Why do people go for ‘walks’? Keep Fit

Why do people go for ‘walks’?

But in fairness, a lot of us do like working out.

All you need to know about the paleo diet

Get those eggs into you.

# fitness - Sunday 15 February, 2015

It’s Sunday so here’s 7 of our favourite sports pictures from the past 7 days

Here’s how the week looked through a lens.

‘The mini marathon can help you make a complete lifestyle change’

With 16 weeks to go, you can revolutionise your life.

# fitness - Saturday 14 February, 2015

Dieting advice, readers calling out Sonny Bill and more in our Comments of the Week

Also featuring Sean O’Brien’s body parts living in fear of Sean O’Brien.

Exercise quality always above quantity for Leinster Rugby’s head of fitness

The top man in the province’s S&C department isn’t interested in weightlifting records or punishing workloads.

# fitness - Friday 13 February, 2015

How fast should I go? When should I rest? – 5 questions newbie runners are afraid to ask

It is important that you get the balance right between training and rest.

Can’t afford a personal trainer? Here are 5 great fitness tracking exercises

We’ve trawled the interest for the coolest ones out there – and taken a slightly unfair bias to the free ones.

Boxing and bear crawls behind him, Jake Heenan ready to put his shoulder to the wheel

The Kiwi openside has come through two extensive runs to recovery, so knows plenty about shoulder rehab.

# fitness - Thursday 12 February, 2015

‘We eat popcorn at the cinema, they eat meat’ – An Irish S&C coach on his time with The Stormers

Declan Halpin marvelled at the training regime of the academy players.

Fancy a gawk around Leinster’s gym? Come with us…

Leinster’s head of fitness Daniel Tobin talks us through a regular day under the roof of their shiny new facility.

# fitness - Tuesday 10 February, 2015

What are DOMS? How can you recover from them? And the science behind cryotherapy

This will help you recover after those tough gym sessions.

# fitness - Monday 9 February, 2015

Your total core workout using TRX straps – from your bedroom

Get strapped in for this workout.

# fitness - Sunday 8 February, 2015

How one Irishman went from contemplating suicide to cycling the world

Breifne Earley tells The42 about his extraordinary journey.

Three very simple ways to make you (even) faster at triathlons

Triathlon Ireland High Performance coach Lynne Algar on her top Tri- tips.

# fitness - Thursday 5 February, 2015

From The Daily Edge No, Sinead O’Connor isn’t teaching yoga in Raheny next month Take Me To Yoga

No, Sinead O’Connor isn’t teaching yoga in Raheny next month

It’s Sinead O’Connor, the Dublin-based yoga teacher with the same name.

What is active recovery and why should I be doing it?

We chat to Padraig Marrey, one of the country’s top cycling coaches, about the fitness technique.

# fitness - Wednesday 4 February, 2015

# fitness - Tuesday 3 February, 2015

Exercise of the week: Try TRX pikes

Suspension training is a great way to get that total body workout and can be used to simultaneously train power.

# fitness - Monday 2 February, 2015

3 mistakes you might be making in the gym

Let us spot you.

This week you should try….Brazilian capoeira

Staying fit can be fun too.

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