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Get yourself pumped for the new NFL season with our 10 favourite plays of last year

It’s nearly football time.

10. Brandon Lloyd (49ers) v Chiefs – Week 5

Source: SourcesSayMedia/YouTube

9. Devin Hester (Falcons) v Buccaneers – Week 3

Source: GrandyHockeyFilmsHD/YouTube

8. JJ Watt (Texans) v Bills – Week 4

Source: NFL/YouTube

7. Malcom Butler (Patriots) v Seahawks – Super Bowl

Source: NFL/YouTube

6. Rob Gronkowski (Patriots) v Broncos – Week 9

Source: Football By Football/YouTube

5. Terrance Williams (Cowboys) v Seahawks – Week 6

Source: Daily Fight Compilations/YouTube

4. Brent Grimes (Dolphins) v Lions – Week 10

Source: SB Nation/YouTube

3. Rams Special Teams v Seahawks – Week 7

Source: Daily Fight Compilations/YouTube

2. Marshawn Lynch (Seahawks) v Cardinals – Week 16

Source: Nozzle Gaming/YouTube

1. Odell Beckham Jr. (Giants) v Cowboys – Week 12

Source: NFL/YouTube

Those are our picks, what about yours? Let us know in the comment section below.

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