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9 Gym Bros who just need to stop

Put down the dumbbell and think about what you’ve done.

BROS. THEY’RE A great bunch of lads.

laker bros

There are times though, when we all need to take smaller doses of the Bro experience. Most days, that exact time comes when we’re trying to find a bit of space to work out in the gym. That’s when Bros run the risk of being, like, really annoying and stuff. Here’s what we mean.

The Scrapheap Challenge Bros

There’s a lot of equipment at the gym, but just because you can prop that bench up on a box and use the cable machine for a decline chest fly, doesn’t mean you should.

There are easier ways, you’re over-thinking this.

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The “all-curls-all-the-time, Bro!”

Just sit down and watch the game, lad.

giphy (2)

The Bro coach

You didn’t ask for their advice but you’re sure as hell going to get it.


Team Bro

These Bros could never hit the gym solo. What’s the point of working out if you don’t have your best buds to spot for you and take alternate turns lifting to make sure you get enough rest (or three times more than necessary) between reps?

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Bro’s a grunter

Great lads, ye are working much harder than the rest of us over there. But will ye whisht?

Posers, Bro

They’ve dressed for fashion way above function and the first port of call is always to build a sweat up so their biceps will be glistening in the fluorescent lights while they’re doing their 20 minutes of curls.


The ‘make yourself at home, Bros’

While it’s nice to see someone comfortable in their surroundings; it’s not so great to see your water bottle, towel, t-shirt and lifting gloves strewn around different benches while you get nice and close to the mirror behind the weight rack to lift while blocking anyone else who might want to share your weights.


‘Bro, are you on Instagram?’

The only reason your phone should be out is to flick past a song. That’s it.


‘Bro, don’t use that hairdryer’

We’re not sure when men started using hairdyers for hair that’s – shall we say – not on their heads, but it is never a good image to start the day with.

You see, it’s not that we always want to use the hairdryer oursleves, we just don’t want to see you drying your balls with it.

Stop that.

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