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Kanye, Kim, Keane and custard cremes: It's the weeks best comments

Kimye never did visit Turner’s Cross but there’s always next year/honeymoon.

THE SPORTING WEEK began with some great marketing by Cork City as Kanye and Kim toured Ireland. It ends with Irish football fans worrying if Cork native Roy Keane is off to Celtic this summer.

In between, TheScore.ie readers excelled in the comment sections. Bravo.

Rory McIlroy was running hot at the Memorial. His round of 63 sparked ‘drives before wives’ comments and many more. Arthur Pewty won the day, with this:

“Excellent green in regulations before poor prenuptial agreements.”

As Cork City gained acclaim and attention for inviting ‘Kimye’ to Turner’s Cross, Fuzzy Dunlop remarked:

“They might possibly want to reserve 2 seats for Kim’s derriere.”

Ulster signed yet another South African, in Louis Ludik. The deal was met with this remark by Rory Fleming:

“Ulster population must be at least 50 percent Springbok by now!”

‘Stillorgan North’ was quick off the mark after we reported on Mauricio Pochettino getting the Tottenham Hotspur job.

“Either he’s stupid, or his interpreter just played the best prank in history.”

A dithering tennis journalist congratulated Nicolas Mahut on winning a French Open game he lost. As Mahut let rip in English, then French, Iarla O’Domhnaill tipped the interviewing hat to Trevor Welch.

“You’d need a fair amount of custard creams to make up for that!”

George Hamilton and John Giles 30/5/2000 'He's pulling him off!' Source: Patrick Bolger/INPHO

Our feature on the best bits from World Cup 2002 provoked this recollection from Joe Loughery.

“George Hamilton’s classic ‘He’s pulling him off! The Spanish manager is pulling his captain off!’”

We asked if it was okay to cheer for England at the World Cup. Thomas Kelly responded:

“England are like an ex-girlfriend, u always want to know how they’re getting on but u never want to see them doing well”

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