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Good afternoon, folks. At long last, the second of this year’s All-Ireland senior football semi-finals is here.

With Mayo awaiting in 11 September’s final, Kerry and Tyrone will do battle at Croke Park from 3.30pm.

Tyrone will be hoping to have better fortunes than their minors, who were narrowly beaten by Meath in the All-Ireland final earlier on (read our report on that game, courtesy of Fintan O’Toole, here).

Stick with us here and we’ll keep you up to date on the clash of the Munster and Ulster champions.

Things got fairly heated between Sean Cavanagh and Pat Spillane on RTÉ a moment ago!

Here’s how the teams will start…


1. Shane Ryan (Rathmore)

2. Brian Ó Beaglaoich (An Ghaeltacht), 3. Jason Foley (Ballydonoghue), 4. Tom O’Sullivan (Dingle)
5. Mike Breen (Beaufort), 6. Paul Murphy (Rathmore – captain), 7. Gavin White (Dr Crokes)

8. David Moran (Kerins O’Rahillys), 9. Jack Barry (Na Gaeil)

26. Dara Moynihan (Spa), 11. Seán O’Shea (Kenmare Shamrocks), 12. Stephen O’Brien (Kenmare Shamrocks)
13. David Clifford (Fossa), 14. Paul Geaney (Dingle), 15. Paudie Clifford (Fossa)


1. Niall Morgan (Edendork)

2. Michael McKernan (Coalisland), 3. Ronan McNamee (Aghyaran), 4. Pádraig Hampsey (Coalisland – captain)
18. Frank Burns (Pomeroy), 6. Kieran McGeary (Pomeroy), 7. Peter Harte (Errigal Ciarán)

8. Brian Kennedy (Derrylaughan), 9. Conn Kilpatrick (Edendork)

10. Conor Meyler (Omagh), 11. Michael O’Neill (Ardboe), 12. Niall Sludden (Dromore)
13. Darren McCurry (Edendork), 14. Matthew Donnelly (Trillick), 15. Conor McKenna (Eglish)

Kerry 0-0 Tyrone 0-0

1 – The action is underway at Croke Park!

Kerry 0-1 Tyrone 0-0

1 – Great start for Kerry through David Clifford. He didn’t score from play in the Munster final against Cork but it takes him only 20 seconds to do so on this occasion.



Kerry 0-2 Tyrone 0-0

4 – Dara Moynihan tees up David Clifford and, after claiming the mark, he gets his second point of the afternoon.



Kerry 0-2 Tyrone 0-0

5 – Kerry goal chance for Sean O’Shea but his tame effort is blocked by Michael O’Neill. The Kingdom doing all the early pressing so far.


Kerry 0-2 Tyrone 0-1

6 – Tyrone goalkeeper Niall Morgan comes forward to take a 45 and he converts to open his side’s account.


Kerry 0-2 Tyrone 0-2

7 – After taking a mark, Mattie Donnelly scores to level the game for Tyrone.


Tyrone 0-3 Kerry 0-3

9 – Powerful running from Peter Harte, who shows great composure and Tyrone all of a sudden were in the ascendancy. However, after being set up by David Clifford, Sean O’Shea issues an immediate response for Kerry.



Tyrone 0-4 Kerry 0-3

12 – Kerry unhappy as Stephen O’Brien appears to be fouled by Conor McKenna, but referee David Coldrick disagrees. Michael McKernan then gets forward to kick Tyrone back into the lead. Another Tyrone chance follows for Kieran McGeary but his effort is off target.



Tyrone 0-5 Kerry 0-3

15 – This time it’s full-back Ronan McNamee who’s on the attack and he increases Tyrone’s lead. Paul Geaney gets a chance to hit back but his shot goes wide.



Tyrone 0-5 Kerry 0-3

18 – Another goal chance for Kerry but David Clifford fires his effort across the face of goal. 


Tyrone 0-5 Kerry 0-4

19 – Kerry’s first point in nine minutes comes via a Sean O’Shea free just before the water break.


Tyrone 0-5 Kerry 0-5

21 – David Clifford scores from play again, his third point of the game brings the teams level.


Tyrone 0-5 Kerry 0-5

22 – Stephen O’Brien puts the ball in the net but it’s ruled out for a square ball. Sean O’Shea could possibly have scored himself instead of giving the pass to O’Brien – big missed opportunity for Kerry.


Tyrone 1-5 Kerry 0-5

24 – Peter Harte released Niall Sludden and he played in Conor McKenna, who applied an excellent finish to score the game’s first goal. It all originated from some uncharacteristic sloppiness from David Clifford, who squandered possession when Kerry were pressing for a score.

Tyrone 1-5 Kerry 0-6

27 – A positive response from David Clifford as he kicks his fourth point of the day after being set up by brother Paudie.

Tyrone 1-5 Kerry 0-6

29 – Opportunity for a point for Kieran McGeary but he kicks Tyrone’s second wide of the game.


Tyrone 1-5 Kerry 0-7 

32 – Dara Moynihan is fouled by Brian Kennedy and Sean O’Shea converts the subsequent free for Kerry.

Tyrone 1-5 Kerry 0-7 

34 – Another wasted chance for Tyrone as Frank Burns kicks their third wide.

Tyrone 1-6 Kerry 0-7 

35 – It’s a two-point game again as Pádraig Hampsey finishes off an excellent Tyrone move.

Tyrone 1-6 Kerry 0-7

35 – A minimum of three additional minutes will be played at the end of the first half.

Tyrone 1-6 Kerry 0-8

35 (+1) – David Clifford converts a free to score his fifth point of the afternoon.

Tyrone 1-6 Kerry 0-9

35 (+2) – Kerry earn themselves another free and Sean O’Shea gets them back on level terms.


Tyrone 1-7 Kerry 0-9

38 (+3) – HUGE score by Niall Morgan! After Conor Meyler is fouled by David Clifford, the Tyrone goalkeeper comes forward to restore their lead with a free from just inside Kerry’s half.


It’s Tyrone who lead at the break by a single point. Stick the kettle on and we’ll see you back here for more in a few moments.

The teams are back out and we’re all set for second half of this All-Ireland semi-final.

Tyrone 1-7 Kerry 0-9

36 – The game has resumed, with Killian Spillane replacing Dara Moynihan for Kerry.

Tyrone 1-8 Kerry 0-9

37 – Gavin White fouls Niall Sludden, allowing Darren McCurry to increase Tyrone’s lead with a free.

Tyrone 1-8 Kerry 0-9

38 – Goal chance for Kerry’s Paul Geaney but he’s swallowed up by Tyrone defenders before conceding a free.

Tyrone 1-8 Kerry 0-10

38 – David Moran feeds David Clifford, who kicks his sixth point of the game.


Tyrone 1-8 Kerry 0-11

39 – A foul by Peter Harte gives David Clifford a chance to level the game, which he takes.


Tyrone 1-8 Kerry 0-11

40 – Big blow for Tyrone as Niall Sludden is shown a black card for dragging Paul Murphy to the ground. Tyrone will be a man down for the next 10 minutes.


Tyrone 1-8 Kerry 0-11

41 – Another opening for a Kerry goal but Sean O’Shea is crowded out before he can get a shot away.


Tyrone 1-8 Kerry 0-11

42 – A chance for Paul Geaney to put Kerry ahead but his shot at the posts drifts wide.


Tyrone 1-8 Kerry 0-11

44 – Yet another Kerry goal chance is thwarted! Killian Spillane unleashes a shot but Peter Harte gets in an outstanding block.

Cathal McShane is on for Tyrone, with Brian Kennedy making way.

Kerry 0-13 Tyrone 1-8

46 – From the 45 that resulted from Harte’s block, Sean O’Shea kicks Kerry back in front. Tyrone then lose possession from a Niall Morgan kick-out again, with Paudie Clifford the beneficiary as Kerry go two ahead.

Kerry 0-13 Tyrone 1-9

47 – A free from Darren McCurry makes it a one-point game again.


Kerry 0-13 Tyrone 1-9

50 – Patient build-up from Tyrone but Darren McCurry is unable to finish it off with a point, as his effort sails wide.

Kerry 0-13 Tyrone 1-9

50 – David Clifford gets a look at the posts but he’s unable to steer his shot on target.


Kerry 0-13 Tyrone 1-9

51 – Tyrone’s Mattie Donnelly continues the pattern of wayward shots by kicking another wide.

Kerry 0-13 Tyrone 1-9

52 – Things getting niggly now. Peter Harte is down receiving treatment while David Moran calls for a new jersey to replace the one he’s currently wearing, which has somehow been torn to shreds. Moran and Conn Kilpatrick have been shown yellow cards.


Kerry 0-14 Tyrone 1-9

55 – Ronan McNamee fouls Stephen O’Brien, and Sean O’Shea points the free for Kerry as we head for the water break.


Kerry 0-14 Tyrone 1-9

55 – The game has resumed. It’s all set up for a cracking final quarter.

Kerry 0-14 Tyrone 1-10

56 – Superb score from Darren McCurry brings the gap back to one.

Kerry 0-14 Tyrone 1-10

59 – Kerry on the attack in search of a score to increase their lead but they’re denied by some tenacious defending from Tyrone. Heading into the final stages but there’s still ferocious intensity to this game.


Kerry 0-14 Tyrone 1-10

59 – Another big setback for Tyrone as Darren McCurry is black-carded for blocking the run of Gavin Crowley, who has come on for Kerry.

Kerry 0-14 Tyrone 1-10

61 – Niall Morgan comes up for another Tyrone free, a more straightforward one than his earlier efforts but he’s unable to steer it between the posts.


Kerry 0-15 Tyrone 1-10

66 – Tom O’Sullivan points for Kerry after Niall Morgan courageously denies David Clifford a goal!

Kerry 0-15 Tyrone 1-10

68 – We’re into the final couple of minutes but we’re expecting quite a few to be added on by referee David Coldrick so there’s still plenty of time for drama.


Tyrone 2-10 Kerry 0-15

69 – Incredible! Substitute Darragh Canavan sees a shot saved by Shane Ryan, but Cathal McShane was on hand to punch the ball to the net.

Tyrone 2-10 Kerry 0-16

70 – Sean O’Shea responds to Tyrone’s first score in 12 minutes by pointing a free for Kerry. It’s a draw game.


Tyrone 2-10 Kerry 0-16

70 – A minimum of nine minutes to be added on.


Tyrone 2-10 Kerry 0-16

70 (+4) – Sean O’Shea kicks a free from around 50 metres out and it’s punched over the bar by Tommy Walsh, but it’s ruled out for a square ball.


Tyrone 2-11 Kerry 0-16

70 (+6) – Back on the field after his black-carding, Darren McCurry kicks Tyrone ahead.


Tyrone 2-11 Kerry 0-17

70 (+7) – David Clifford is fouled and kicks his eighth point of the game from a free. We’re level again.


Tyrone 2-11 Kerry 0-17

70 (+8) – Paudie Clifford has a chance to put Kerry ahead but his fisted attempt at a point from a narrow angle goes wide. Let-off for Tyrone.

Tyrone 2-11 Kerry 0-17

70 (+9) – Mattie Donnelly has an optimistic effort but it’s well off target.


Don’t go anywhere, folks. This one’s not over yet.

They’re ready to go again at Croke Park. More updates to follow…

David Clifford, who may be carrying a knock, is not starting the extra-time for Kerry.

Tyrone 2-11 Kerry 0-17

71 – And we’re off…


Tyrone 2-11 Kerry 0-17

72 – Cagey stuff in this opening couple of minutes.


Tyrone 2-12 Kerry 0-17

74 – Tyrone draw first blood in extra-time through a Cathal McShane free.



Tyrone 2-13 Kerry 0-17

75 – McShane takes his tally to 1-2 as Tyrone capitalise on sloppy play from Kerry. A goal may have been on but he was happy to take the point.



Tyrone 3-13 Kerry 0-17

76 – A second goal of the day for Conor McKenna puts Tyrone five ahead! Kieran McGeary’s shot for a point fell short, Kerry failed to clear and it fell kindly for McKenna, who beat Shane Ryan with an emphatic finish. Kerry have a serious job on their hands now. They’ve looked very flat so far in extra-time.


Tyrone 3-13 Kerry 0-18

79 – Excellent score by Paul Murphy, Kerry’s first of extra-time.


Tyrone 3-13 Kerry 0-19

80 – A second in a row for Kerry as Diarmuid O’Connor brings the deficit back to a goal.


Tyrone 3-14 Kerry 0-19

80 – An immediate response from Tyrone and again it’s Cathal McShane who delivers it.


Tyrone 3-14 Kerry 0-20

80 (+2) – After Gavin White is fouled by Mattie Donnelly, Sean O’Shea points the free.


Tyrone 3-14 Kerry 0-20

81 – We’re up and running once more. With David Clifford watching from the sidelines, can Kerry turn this one around?


Tyrone 3-14 Kerry 0-20

82 – Kerry’s Paul Geaney with the first effort of this second period but he sends it well wide.


Tyrone 3-14 Kerry 0-21

83 – The goal was possibly on for Kerry there but Paudie Clifford fires it over instead. Two points between the teams.


Tyrone 3-14 Kerry 0-22

84 – A first point of the game for Paul Geaney and it’s a one-point game. 


Tyrone 3-14 Kerry 0-22

87 – An ambitious Niall Morgan free from out near the sideline sails wide.


Tyrone 3-14 Kerry 0-22

89 – We’re into the final minute, Tyrone lead by a point. If Kerry can draw level we could be set to see an All-Ireland semi-final decided by a penalty shootout.


Tyrone 3-14 Kerry 0-22

90 – Great play by Conor McKenna as he marches through and earns a 45 for Tyrone. Niall Morgan comes forward as time ticks away.


Tyrone 3-14 Kerry 0-22

90 (+1) – Morgan puts it wide but is there time for Kerry to get back up the pitch?


Tyrone 3-14 Kerry 0-22

90 (+2) – Tommy Walsh has a shot at goal for Kerry but it’s wide!

What a dramatic semi-final that was!

Tyrone will be back at Croke Park on 11 September to take on Mayo in the All-Ireland final.

Thanks for joining us, folks.

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