Off the record: sports stories you might have missed this weekend

Simba, Suarez and Leo Cullen sex puns – it’s all in this week’s round-up.

1. #SUAREZ Liverpool fans have had few lasting highlights to treasure so far this season, so when Luis Suarez scored an Alonso-esque lob from all of 50 yards against Norwich on Saturday night, it was understandable that the travelling support would be delighted.

The manner in which one gentleman showed that delight was questionable to say the least. So after running onto the pitch, hugging Suarez (who hugged him back, to be fair) and bowing down before the little Uruguyan, he decided to treat the home fans to some mime art.

They weren’t pleased.

Warning: contains strong language.

YouTube Credit: caltayable

[h/t SportsGrid]

2. #CHILDISH And while we’re standing at the underutilised intersection of sex and sport, how about this gem from Robert Kitson’s match report on Clermont-Leinster in the Guardian?

We would complain about lingering images of Leo Cullen, but really we’re just jealous that we didn’t think of it first.

Only Barnes’s determination to penalise French forwards for flopping off their feet permitted Leinster any respite, much to the chagrin of Les Jaunards. They were also unhappy when Leo Cullen received only a warning for a punch at the Clermont loosehead which the referee viewed as harmless Faure play.

3. #SIMBA God bless the internet. If there was one good thing to come out of Derrick Rose’s play-off ending ACL injury, it’s the wave of web memes which it has spawned. The good lads over at Buzzfeed have collected a few here.

Note to future meme creators: anything with Simba in it is an automatic win.

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4. #GHOST WHISTLE You know that the old saying “play to the whistle”? Yeah, that only applies when it’s the referee’s whistle as Lazio’s players found out to their disgust last night.

The Biancocelesti‘s game against Udinese ended in controversy last night when the Lazio players heard what they thought was the final whistle and stopped playing, only for Roberto Pereyra to carry on and curl the ball into an empty net, sealing a 2-0 win.

Paolo Bandini has the details here.

YouTube Credit: ClaoPocho

5. #GOLDEN BOOTS Eh, hang on a second. Are Nike really planning to sell these bad boys?

They’re called the Indulgences #5 — “Indulgence” presumably because they’re dipped in real 24 carat gold; #5 because that’s how many limited edition pairs will be made.

Sure, put us down for two pairs.

[h/t BusinessInsider]

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