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A checklist to help you enjoy December but not undo all your hard work
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Christmas is coming! Tips to ensure you stay on track ahead of the festive period
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F1 chief wants to see more US, Asian and female drivers as Hanoi circuit unveiled
Japan has led the way for Asian drivers in F1, but Chase Carey is keen to bring in competitors from China and Thailand.
'I didn't know what lymphoma was. So I said to him: 'Is it serious?''
Roscommon-man Colin Farrell was diagnosed with cancer when he was 22. Tomorrow he will attempt to run his first ever marathon in Dublin.
'The city we grew up in, the city we know so well, showcased at its beautiful best'
Ahead of his second Dublin Marathon, Ryan Bailey on a burgeoning lifelong love affair with the event.
'Don't experiment on race day' - Planning your final preparations for the Dublin Marathon
Race director Jim Aughney joins us to talk through the best prep, what to expect on the day and the best recovery techniques once the race is over.
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5 problems that most people face when they start a new fitness programme
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Mayo native Sinéad Diver smashes course record and personal best to win Melbourne marathon
Diver became the second-fastest Irish female marathon runner of all time this morning.
4 top tips to help you look after your fitness while on the go
“If it’s important to you, then you will make it happen,” writes personal trainer David Last.
'There's something uniquely special about race day in the Park'
Saturday’s Dublin half marathon raised excitement ahead of next month’s main event, writes Ryan Bailey.
Fuelling for a marathon: 'Nailing your preparation is powerful for confidence'
Leinster Rugby and Dublin GAA nutritionist Daniel Davey on what to eat before, during and after 26.2 gruelling miles.
'No matter how much you've trained, you're plagued with self-doubt'
With six weeks to go until the 2018 Dublin Marathon, The42′s Ryan Bailey is preparing to compete in the capital for the second time.
The fitness industry is booming in Ireland, but why are we fatter than ever before?
Personal trainer David Last wonders why all of the hype surrounding exercise and healthy living isn’t reducing our waistlines.
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'Back then I just played with the boys - now there's 220 girls at a ladies football summer camp in Fermoy'
Saoirse Noonan writes about equality in sport and the road to Croker in her final column for The42.
'I just looked on Instagram and YouTube on how to do things with proper form'
Leah Cheung on getting into power lifting, managing her type 1 diabetes and targeting national records.
The real reason people hit their fitness goals and how you can too
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Now is the perfect time to take a good look at what you want from your fitness regime.
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Andrew Moore takes on Greenland’s Polar Circle Marathon in aid of the Dublin Simon Community.
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That’s one expensive gym membership.
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Try these five explosive exercises this summer.
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Let’s go to the beach, beach!
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The beauty of running races: nerves, adrenaline and the thrill of crossing the line
As Ryan Bailey’s training programme intensifies, last week’s Irish Runner 10 Mile provided an important checkpoint.