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How the richest football clubs compare to the richest NFL teams in 2017

Manchester United have overtaken Real Madrid to become the most valuable football club but how do they compare to NFL franchises?

THERE IS A significant cultural divide between the United States and Europe when it comes to the appreciation of sport.

While the NFL reigns supreme in America, soccer (or football if you prefer) dominates the zeitgeist internationally. Both the football teams stateside and the football clubs abroad bring in a ton of revenue.

Using data from Forbes, we ranked each team by the amount of revenue they generate (in US dollars) and compared how much the richest clubs in Europe are taking in compared to the NFL.

What the data shows is that while midmarket NFL teams bring in more money than their European counterparts, when it comes to the big money soccer clubs, it’s tough for the likes of the Cowboys and Patriots to keep pace.

#10 Juventus — $379 million

League: Serie A (Italy)

Location: Turin

2016-17 record: 29-4-5, 91 points, 1st place

10th richest NFL team: Denver Broncos, $387 million in revenue

#9 Liverpool — $448 million

League: Premier League (England)

Location: Liverpool

2016-17 record: 22-10-6, 76 points, 4th place

9th richest NFL team: Green Bay Packers, $391 million in revenue

Chelsea v Sunderland - Premier League - Stamford Bridge Source: Mike Egerton

#8 Chelsea — $497 million

League: Premier League (England)

Location: London

2016-17 record: 30-3-5, 93 points, 1st place

8th richest NFL team: Philadelphia Eagles, $407 million in revenue

#7 Arsenal — $520 million

League: Premier League (England)

Location: London

2016-17 record: 23-6-9, 75 points, 5th place

7th richest NFL team: Houston Texans, $416 million in revenue

#6 Paris Saint-Germain — $578 million

League: Ligue 1 (France)

Location: Paris

2016-17 record: 27-6-5, 87 points, 2nd place

6th richest NFL team: New York Jets, $423 million in revenue

#5 Manchester City — $583 million

League: Premier League (England)

Location: Manchester

2016-17 record: 23-9-6, 78 points, 3rd place

5th richest NFL team: New York Giants, $444 million in revenue

#4 Bayern Munich — $657 million

League: Bundesliga (Germany)

Location: Munich

2016-17 record: 25-7-2, 82 points, 1st place

4th richest NFL team: San Francisco 49ers, $446 million in revenue

#3 Barcelona — $688 million

League: La Liga (Spain)

Location: Barcelona

2016-17 record: 28-6-4, 90 points, 2nd place

3rd richest NFL team: Washington Redskins, $447 million in revenue

NFL: Super Bowl LI-New England Patriots vs Atlanta Falcons Source: USA TODAY Network

#2 Real Madrid — $688 million

League: La Liga (Spain)

Location: Madrid

2016-17 record: 29-6-3, 93 points, 1st place

2nd richest NFL team: New England Patriots, $523 million in revenue

Green Bay Packers vs. Dallas Cowboys Source: TNS/ABACA

#1 Manchester United — $765 million

League: Premier League (England)

Location: Manchester

2016-17 record: 18-15-5, 69 points, 6th place

The richest NFL team: Dallas Cowboys, $700 million in revenue

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