Booking a ski holiday for this winter? Here are 6 questions you're afraid to ask

Are you hitting the slopes this winter? Here’s some advice.

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SKI SEASON IS almost upon us and if you’re planning a winter break on the slopes – or have made a snap decision to book a getaway, you might find this article handy.

Crystal Ski are of the country’s top providers of holidays abroad and they take clients all over Europe as well as the US.

Suffice to say, they’ve had all sorts of queries from newbies about what to expect and here, they helped us with a few of the more common questions…

Do you need to be fit before going on a ski holiday?

“A certain level of fitness is required, but you don’t need to be an athlete working out daily!

“It helps if you’re fit and you get more out of being outside in the fresh air enjoying the mountains,” said the company’s marketing Director, Bronagh McNamara.

How dangerous is it?

“According to Dr. Mike Langran, a GP who has studied alpine injury rates for several years, it’s a very safe sport, providing you have the proper training and equipment.

“He says around three in every 1,000 enthusiasts require medical attention.”

How crowded does it get and when’s best to go (for weather and price)?

“To avoid crowds, avoid going during February half term and New Year week can also be very busy.

“Best time to go weather and price-wise is March, but also January is a good time to go.
“Personally, I prefer to go after Easter because you get the best snow every year, though it can get a bit soft.”

Austria Alpine Skiing World Cup Source: AP/Press Association Images

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What kind of insurance should I get and have you any tips on who is good?

“Winter sports insurance is essential and check what they’ll coverbefore you confirm.

“Many medical costs in Europe may be covered by the free European Health Insurance Card (Ehic), but it is not a suitable substitute for travel insurance on a winter sports trip. There are several comparison websites which will help in the process.”

Can I try both skiing and snowboarding or is it best to learn one first?

“You can try both, not at the same time though!”

If I get injured on the first day and cannot ski for the week, what happens then?

“You will have an insurance and then you can decide if you fly back home or enjoy a winter wonderland holiday in the resort.”

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