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Quiz: How much do you remember from Westmeath's Leinster Championship win in 2004?

It’s 11 years since Westmeath’s first and only Delaney Cup.

Who was not a member of Páidí Ó Sé's backroom team that year?
Tomás O'Flatharta
Jack Cooney

Paddy Collins
Luke Dempsey
Who managed Dublin when the sides met in the Leinster quarter-final?
Tommy Carr
Tommy Lyons

Pat Golroy
John O'Leary
Westmeath won by 12 points to 10, but whose point put them ahead at the start of injury time?
Dessie Dolan
Denis Glennon

Brian Morley
Joe Fallon
Who scored their first goal in the Leinster semi-final win against Wexford?
Fergal Wilson
Gary Dolan

Shane Colleary
Rory O'Connell
Who scored Laois' equalising point in the last minute of the drawn Leinster final?
Colm Parkinson
Chris Conway

Ross Munnelly
Brian McDonald
In his famous speech from the Marooned documentary, what did Paídí say would "tip the scale" in the replay?
A loaf of bread
A grain of rice

A pinch of salt
A bead of sweat
Also in the speech, who did he single out for getting "f****d over the line" with a shoulder?
Denis Glennon
Dessie Dolan

Derek Heavin
Alan Mangan
What was the half time score in the Leinster final replay against Laois?
0-7 to 0-5 to Westmeath
0-6 each

0-8 to 0-7 to Westmeath
0-8 to 0-7 to Laois
Who scored the final point of the final replay?
Ross Munnelly
Alan Mangan

Michael Ennis
Padraig Clancy
Westmeath's win meant that just two counties had never won a provincial football Championship. Who are they?
Kilkenny and Fermanagh
Wicklow and Kilkenny

Wicklow and Fermanagh
Waterford and Wicklow
Answer all the questions to see your result!
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Dessie Dolan
You remember 2004 like it was yesterday, and you haven't slept in the two weeks since beating Meath.
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Jack O'Connor
Twas a grand story all the same, but sure didn't my county do better in the end?
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Tommy Lyons
It's better to forget. We don't blame you.
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