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25th February 2024 - 2nd March 2024
Kerr 'surprised' to get call from O'Shea about Ireland return
'Ferguson denial over Republic job' - Remembering Ireland's past managerial searches
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'What have you done in the game?' - McAteer recalls questioning Kerr's credentials
'Division, in-fighting, backstabbing - soccer in Ireland is absolutely plagued by that'
Graham Burke dismisses Brian Kerr exchange as 'friendly banter'
'This is the fault of a lack of proper player development and coaching structure in Ireland for many years'
How a coca-cola bottle filled with coins helped Brian Kerr reach the top
Caught in a trap, Chapter 3: 'In my head I felt we could win the World Cup'
Why have we stopped producing top-level players? Ireland needs a new philosophy
'Fans would come up and openly call me a b******s ' - The challenges of being an Irish manager in Ireland
Brian Kerr backs incoming boss Kenny to succeed in 'hardest job in sport in Ireland'
'There is a job to do... Momentum will hopefully swing towards us a little bit now'
'Golden handcuffs' deal rules Brian Kerr out of televised League of Ireland coverage this season
Ireland's strange old love affair with rugby
Brian Kerr could be set for FAI return after 15-year exile
Stephen Kenny on soccer: 'We've been treated like a minority sport'
Kerr 'very impressed' by employees' proposal to reform the FAI
New documentary tells tale of how Brian Kerr led a team of Bohs and Pat's players to Gaddafi's Libya
Kerr tells acting FAI boss Mooney to 'stay away from all the podcasts and interview stuff'
'I think we're at the end of a disgraceful era' - Brian Kerr on state of play after Delaney departure
Troy Parrott tipped for recognition at senior international level by Brian Kerr
'I’m almost in despair' - Brian Kerr slams FAI's proposals for reform
'I didn’t realise the cameras were rolling' - Brian Kerr reacts to his Spurs' celebrations going viral
'I had 92 caps for the country and today, for the first time in my life, I was truly embarrassed by my association'
'The statement looks like a bit of a whitewash': Brian Kerr says John Delaney should leave FAI
‘I would have come from the flats… Brian Kerr gave me the confidence to go into any room and meet people’
'We beat Le Tissier's Southampton. Lawrie McMenemy shook my hand and said: 'Listen kid, sensational f*****g goal''
'I rang Brian to tell him I was going to retire... it took him nearly ten days to get back to me'
Brian Kerr says 'it’s time for one of the Dublin teams to stand up again' ahead of 2019 kick-off
Brian Kerr narrates brilliant St Pat's video celebrating 90 years of the club
The one-time Irish wonderkid now back at Liverpool
Martin O'Neill and the fate of 9 other former Ireland managers
‘We beat the British Army 37-0. A few weeks later we won against Germany and were European champions’
'Living here makes it more difficult' - Kerr outlines challenges awaiting Kenny in senior Ireland job
Kerr calls for spotlight to be shone on FAI and Delaney after 'disaster' two years
Kerr slams Ireland's 'abysmal' record as downward spiral under O'Neill continues
'The likes of Duff, Robbie and all the lads were so keen to give their time once we said it was for Brian'
'You were home at half 12 everyday twiddling your thumbs. It was easy to say ‘Anyone fancy a pint?’'
WhatsApp controversy overshadows Ireland's Poland preparations
'The leadership is a shambles... Many of them are far too old for the modern game to even understand it'