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# Interview
No flash. No fuss. Noel Fehily rides into the sunset
The Cork jockey speaks to The42 following his retirement earlier this month.
# Field of Dreams
Baseball Ireland hoping to join the big leagues
It’s been a year to remember for the sport in this country.
# Sharples as a tack
Head of the class: Getting Gordon Elliott’s yard ready for Cheltenham
Camilla Sharples is head girl at Cullentra House.
# Winner alright
The unlikely link between M*A*S*H* and a sportswriting masterpiece
WC Heinz’s work is treated with a reverence normally reserved for Hemingway.
# column
Hardly super, but the Patriots remind us why all three phases count in the NFL
It was a special teams and defensive masterclass from New England, writes Steve O’Rourke.
# almost time
The fall of Rome, special teams superstars, and your Super Bowl LIII preview
All good things must come to an end, but do the Patriots have one last fight in them asks Steve O’Rourke.
# go pats
Brady or Belichick: who's more responsible for the Patriots’ success?
Who dominates the greatest coach/quarterback combination in NFL history, asks Steve O’Rourke.
# column
From the booth, Tony Romo is the likely Super Bowl MVP
The former Cowboys quarterback is making a name for himself as the best commentator in sports, writes Steve O’Rourke.
# blew dat
The Saints learn that you should never leave it close enough for NFL referees to decide a game
Sean Payton and Drew Brees’ legacy changed with the no-call, writes Steve O’Rourke.
# Super Sunday
Something old, something new, something borrowed, and your NFL Championship Sunday preview
This weekend pits the young pretenders against the old guard, writes Steve O’Rourke.
# tom versus time
Death, taxes, and the New England Patriots
Brady and Belichick proved yet again that you can never count them out, writes Steve O’Rourke.
# it's science
Momentum, upsets, and your NFL divisional weekend preview
It’s not how you finish December, it’s how you start February, writes Steve O’Rourke.
# themselves to blame
The Seahawks and Ravens coached themselves out of the playoffs
Poor coaching was punished on Wild Card weekend, writes Steve O’Rourke.
# Playoffs
Long shots, road warriors, and your NFL wild card weekend preview
Playing this weekend and going on to win the Super Bowl is not easy, writes Steve O’Rourke.
# Looking Back
Everything we got right - and what we got terribly wrong - about the 2018 NFL season
Few could have predicted the 12 teams that make up the playoffs, writes Steve O’Rourke.
Understanding the universe, playoff permutations, and your NFL week 17 preview
There is more to play for than the three available playoff spots on the final day of the regular season, writes Steve O’Rourke.
# unlikely lads
Ravens and Seahawks seek success by going back to the future
Two teams with little playoff ambition at the start of the year will have a big say in the postseason, writes Steve O’Rourke.
# Saint Nick
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Nick Foles, and your NFL week 16 preview
You don’t have to be good all the time, just at the right time, writes Steve O’Rourke.
# Patriot Pains
It’s the most open Super Bowl race in years - and NFL fans should be thrilled
At a time when we expect them to ramp up, some big teams are falling short writes Steve O’Rourke.
# The Redzone
Walnut-less Whips, terrible tanking, and your NFL week 15 preview
We could learn a lot about the number one overall pick this week, writes Steve O’Rourke.
Schadenfreude might just be the best feeling in sport
Getting joy out of the misfortune of others is the most natural thing in the world, writes Steve O’Rourke.
Doing good without God, a post-Kap league, and your NFL week 14 preview
With Mark Sanchez back playing, there can be no doubt Colin Kaepernick is being blackballed, writes Steve O’Rourke.
# The more things change
Four years after Ray Rice, the NFL proves few lessons have been learned
The organisation’s attitude towards domestic violence is once again in the spotlight, writes Steve O’Rourke.
# column
SpongeBob SquarePants, the end of an error, and your NFL week 13 preview
Jacksonville’s all-in on Blake Bortles has left them in the NFL’s no-man’s land, writes Steve O’Rourke.
# The Saints Are Coming
Can anyone stop the Saints from marching to the Super Bowl?
They might not have the best offence or defence but nobody is more complete than New Orleans, writes Steve O’Rourke.
The Man in Black, Andrew Luck’s renaissance, and your NFL week 12 preview
We should enjoy the Colts’ QB’s difficult second album, writes Steve O’Rourke.
# Thanksgiving
Why Die Hard is not a Christmas movie and your NFL Thanksgiving preview
Yippee ki Black Friday motherf**kers, writes Steve O’Rourke.
# column
The broken dreams of Hollywood Joe
Alex Smith will hope his career doesn’t end the same way as Joe Theismann, writes Steve O’Rourke.
# Looking Back
Stan Lee’s lost dog, the Madden curse, and your NFL week 11 preview
You probably won’t mind the Browns when they’re angry actually, writes Steve O’Rourke.
# week 10 review
'Any Given Sunday' is more than just a movie with an overrated speech
The 2018 NFL season continues to provide its fair share of shocks, writes Steve O’Rourke.
# dancing on the stars
Brexit, the Dallas Cowboys, and your NFL week 10 preview
There are a lot of similarities between Britain and Dallas writes Steve O’Rourke.
# Review
Tom Brady is underrated
It’s easy to forget how good the Patriots player actually is in an era of great quarterback play, writes Steve O’Rourke.
# If the glove doesn't fit
OJ Simpson’s lawyer, the Rooney Rule, and your NFL week 9 preview
Black coaches continue to be held to a higher standard, writes Steve O’Rourke.
# Review
Josh Freeman, Jameis Winston and the ghosts of An Modh Coinníollach
The former Bucs’ QB is a cautionary tale for the incumbent, writes Steve O’Rourke.
# column
The Offaly man who almost became a New York Giant and your NFL week 8 preview
You may not think of Tullamore as an American football stronghold, writes Steve O’Rourke.
# serendipity
Remember the Titans’ aggressiveness, not the result
Going for it is always the right thing to do, even when the result is wrong, writes Steve O’Rourke.
# column
Zombie cockroaches, the AFC South and your NFL week 7 preview
The division continually flatters to deceive, says Steve O’Rourke.
# GridIreland
As American football goes global, Ireland takes to the field
After a two-year hiatus, the Irish national team is back in action.
# Review
This was supposed to be a Nate Peterman column but it was intercepted twice
Few players have ever played as badly as the Bills quarterback, writes Steve O’Rourke.
# Straight outta oakland
10 things I hate about the Raiders and your NFL week 6 preview
It’s tough to love a team that seems to revel in failure, but it’s worth it, says Steve O’Rourke.