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#American Football

# american-football - Thursday 16 April, 2015

Study finds 1 in 6 NFL players go broke within 12 years of retiring

Career length and total earnings have little effect on whether an NFL player will declare bankrupt.

This post contains a poll

# american-football - Wednesday 15 April, 2015

NFL star Aaron Hernandez convicted of first degree murder

The ex New England Patriot will now serve a mandatory life sentence.

# american-football - Tuesday 14 April, 2015

Tom Brady is great at American football… not so much at baseball

You’d expect more from a four-time Super Bowl winner.

# american-football - Monday 13 April, 2015

JJ Watt could jump on top of Lady GaGa’s head from a standing start

The Houston Texans’ player might just be some kind of super hero.

# american-football - Thursday 2 April, 2015

Cowboys sign British warehouse worker to play defensive end

After just five games of American Football under his belt, Efe Obada has earned himself an NFL contract with the Dallas Cowboys.

# american-football - Wednesday 1 April, 2015

Take note GAA… the NFL could change how teams score to encourage more entertainment

The times they are a changin’ Stateside.

# american-football - Monday 30 March, 2015

Tom Brady and Michael Jordan had the BEST craic hanging out together this weekend

Two of the most famous names in US sport spent the weekend together.

# american-football - Thursday 26 March, 2015

Wales’s performance guru has been poached by an American football team

Adam Beard is off to the U S of A.

# american-football - Wednesday 25 March, 2015

Head injury concerns forcing the NFL to redefine manhood

Former WWE star and concussion campaigner Chris Nowinski says he expects more young players to retire.

# american-football - Monday 9 March, 2015

# american-football - Tuesday 3 March, 2015

Jarryd Hayne swaps the oval ball of rugby league for the slightly smaller oval ball of the NFL

The 27-year old has signed a deal with the San Francisco 49ers.

# american-football - Monday 23 February, 2015

A wannabe NFL player may have just broken a world record at the Combine

12′ 3″ is a very, very long way to jump.

# american-football - Friday 20 February, 2015

Straight outta… Carson? Raiders and Chargers plan joint stadium near LA

Apparently NFL teams are like buses.

# american-football - Wednesday 18 February, 2015

An NFL player could lose his lucrative contract if he fights his UFC champion brother… for charity

New England Patriots’ Chandler Jones could be in breach of contract if he fights UFC champion brother Jon, as planned.

# american-football - Thursday 5 February, 2015

Rapper Snoop Dogg’s son to hit gridiron at UCLA

Cordell Broadus caught 39 passes for 602 yards and 11 touchdowns this past season.

# american-football - Tuesday 3 February, 2015

Tom Brady is giving away his MVP truck to the unknown rookie who sealed the Super Bowl with an interception MVP

Tom Brady is giving away his MVP truck to the unknown rookie who sealed the Super Bowl with an interception

“I would love to do that. I’m going to figure out how to make that work.”

Breaking down the play that won the Super Bowl for the New England Patriots

We break down the most important play of the Super Bowl

# american-football - Monday 2 February, 2015

The story of two Irish fans sneaking into the Super Bowl is the best thing you’ll read tonight

Richie Whelan and Paul McEvoy flew over without a ticket but that didn’t stop them getting in.

How newspapers in Seattle and New England reacted to the Super Bowl

There are some crackers in here.

Patriots beat the Seahawks 28-24 for thrilling fourth Super Bowl win

It all kicked off in Arizona in a memorable finale to the championship showdown.


As it happened: Relive Super Bowl XLIX play-by-play

We had the best of the action from the Super Bowl right here.

Patriots and Seahawks tied at 14-14 at half-time in Super Bowl

An entertaining finish to the half saw the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks locked at 14-14 in the Super Bowl.

# american-football - Sunday 1 February, 2015

The42′s basic guide to American football and the NFL

Will Super Bowl XLIX be your first American football experience? We’re here to help!

5 steps to staying awake for the Super Bowl and still being an active member of society on Monday

And, for once, it doesn’t involve a bucket of coffee.

From The Daily Edge Here’s what we know so far about tonight’s Super Bowl halftime show We Like Sportz

Here’s what we know so far about tonight’s Super Bowl halftime show

Katy Perry! Lenny Kravitz! Real lions and sharks (maybe)!

Head, heart & the million little doubts that creep in between – The42′s Super Bowl preview

This is one of the tougher Super Bowls in recent memory to call.

Did you know you can play American football in Ireland after the Super Bowl is over?

Because gridiron is not just for our American cousins.

THAT Friends episode and 6 more of the best American football moments from popular culture

Ahead of the Super Bowl, we look at some of the sport’s most memorable appearances in films, TV and books.

# american-football - Saturday 31 January, 2015

One of the players lining out in the Super Bowl was a lethal speedster in rugby sevens

Nate Ebner could have probably played international rugby if he wasn’t a New England Patriot.

A definitive ranking of the 11 best Super Bowl ads ever made Too Commerical This post contains videos

A definitive ranking of the 11 best Super Bowl ads ever made

Frogs selling beer, cats selling IT solutions and old ladies complaining about beef shortages. All human life is captured at half-time of the NFL’s showpiece game.

# american-football - Friday 30 January, 2015

‘I still get people coming up to me and saying the show was the first time they saw the NFL’

We spoke to Myles Dungan about the NFL highlight show he used to present on RTÉ.

We asked 8 people who know nothing about the NFL to discuss the Super Bowl

And it went exactly as you’d expect.

QUIZ: Are you a Super Bowl champ or chump?

How well do you know America’s biggest game?

Katy Perry delivered the perfect one-liner at her Super Bowl press conference Dark Horse This post contains videos

Tom Brady’s diet is so strict that he eats avocado-based ice cream as a treat

Those Super Bowl rings don’t win themselves.

# american-football - Thursday 29 January, 2015

The Road to the Super Bowl – 6 key games in the Patriots’ and Seahawks’ seasons

How did the big two make it this far?

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