Seanad to hear motion calling for bin collection to be removed from private providers
Major traffic and security operation in place in Dublin ahead of Europa League final in Aviva
Recruitment embargo in HSE 'inconceivable' and more doctors needed, IMO to tell politicians
Politicians will be told how hospital doctors and consultants are leaving work feeling “demoralised and frustrated”.
Investigation: Cruel cockfighting sees an underground resurgence in Ireland
Illegal matches and the breeding of birds solely for the banned bloodsport is happening up and down the country, an investigation by Noteworthy has found.
Brutal bouts being organised in private social media groups
Irish Defence Forces member and foreign government worker linked
Punters are importing eggs of aggressive cock breeds from as far away as Pakistan
21st May 2024
Government leaders to hold press conference tomorrow amid talk of recognising Palestine
Former UK marine accused of spying for Hong Kong found dead in London park
UN suspends all food deliveries to Rafah as IDF lays siege to last two hospitals in north Gaza
Here's What Happened Today: Tuesday
Housing Commission report urging 'radical' policy reset to be published this week, says Harris
At least 10 people killed, including nine children, in Egypt as minibus plunges off ferry into Nile